With China investing some $80 billion in Canada’s economy—62 per cent of which is in Alberta—understanding the Asian powerhouse is crucial, says China Institute director.


It’s hard to believe, but 10 years ago there was no way to tell how much China had invested in Canada.

Even Statistics Canada and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce couldn’t provide accurate figures, according to Gordon Houlden, director of the University of Alberta’s China Institute.

“People would either vastly overestimate investment, accusing the Chinese of single-handedly distorting the market, or they would say it's an absolutely minimal factor when it was clear investment was substantive,” he said.

Canada wouldn’t benefit in long run from U.S.-China trade war

If Donald Trump follows through on his proposal to impose tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of select Chinese imports, it could end up helping the Canadian economy in the short term, said the director of the U of A’s China Institute. But the boost won’t la...


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COMMENTARY || How NAFTA restricts Canada’s ability to lower carbon emissions

Energy proportionality rule makes it difficult for Canada to scale back oil and gas production—its largest and fastest-growing source of emissions.

NAFTA jeopardizes Canada’s climate commitments. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared himself a champion of the Paris climate change agreement. Yet, Canada’s NAFTA negotiations show the

Poor planning by railways leading to losses for farmers

Bottlenecks in grain transportation could threaten Canada’s competitive edge, warns UAlberta expert.

Western Canadian grain farmers may reap financial losses in the billions in years to come, unless the country’s railroads ramp up their capacity to get crops to market, says a University of

TEC Edmonton named world’s third best business incubator linked to a university

UAlberta’s startup accelerator among top performers in new ranking.

TEC Edmonton, the University of Alberta’s business accelerator, has been named the world’s third best accelerator linked to a university, according to UBI Global. “Our succes

UAlberta startup takes courageous step in face of tough business moment

How students and Trioova founders accomplished one of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges.

Making the “business pivot”—changing the company concept in response to market feedback—is hard even for experienced entrepreneurs. “You’ve put your heart and s

New degree in fashion business management launches this fall

First such BSc program offered in Western Canada opens new doors to leadership in fashion industry.

Students interested in the business of designing and producing clothing and textiles can now earn a bachelor of science degree in that discipline at the University of Alberta, beginning in September

UAlberta fashion app designers seal deal for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

Style-conscious app lets anyone put together a look fit for a Hollywood star.

A fashion-forward app developed by a University of Alberta trio has made it big in Hollywood. Nelo, which bills itself as the “Home of Hollywood Fashion,” has been licensed by

Canadians are most active women entrepreneurs in the world

Women in Canada more likely to open their own businesses than in any other nation, according to global report.

Canadian women are starting businesses at a higher rate than their counterparts in all other G20 countries, according to a new global report published today. “Canada has seen a surge of

Cattle delayed a weekend before slaughter produce lower-grade meat

Processing backups can cut value of beef by as much as 30 per cent.

When cattle arrive at a slaughterhouse on a Friday but are held for processing until Monday, they have an increased incidence of producing tough, low-grade meat, new research shows. “It can

How barley is expected to benefit from climate change

Warmer weather to have positive impact on global beef industry.

Alberta’s most important feed crop for beef production will benefit from warmer temperatures and increased humidity, and so will the beef industry, new University of Alberta research

How two UAlberta researchers are introducing water testing ‘in a box’ to Canada’s rural market

Roshan Water Solutions was born out of UAlberta student research, accelerated by mentorship and supported by new streams of funding.

The last thing small-town utility officers and farmers across Canada take for granted is clean water. But the current process for testing town water, well water and other livestock water supply

COMMENTARY || Enabling innovation: Lessons from Crystal Pepsi

Turns out developing a product is the easy part, getting people to buy requires an 'enabler.'

We tend to think that innovation is driven by new discoveries or advances in technology. Yet the problem with new products is often not an engineering challenge, but a psychological one. In fact,