Good work hunting

(Edmonton) If you haven’t checked it out yet, your U of A student job search website just got a makeover. And the staff at CAPS: Your U of A Career Centre are hoping you’ll like the new features.

The first thing users of the updated CAPS Connections site will notice is that the password requirement is gone. The newly optimized site is as easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet as it is from a desktop or a laptop. The site will allow users to set up notifications for specific companies or industries. And the social media crowd will also have the capacity to share, like and tweet about their favourite jobs directly from the system.

But the big news is the change to the job search function. Carey Castillo, manager of employer relations at CAPS, says the outmoded function of posting jobs by faculty is gone, replaced by one that looks at areas such as transferable skills and areas of study.

“We’ve created areas like tourism, arts and culture—and under there are things like clothing and textiles, and cultural and language studies,” she said. “We don’t have many jobs that ask for a philosophy major, but we have tons of job postings from employers that would happily take a philosophy major when they looked at the skills and abilities that you bring to the job.”

Students will also be able to narrow their search using parameters related to minimum level of study, as well as length and type of employment, making searches faster and more relevant. Castillo noted that several faculties are also streaming relevant job feeds on their home pages.

“They can select and choose which jobs they want; the students can click there and then come through to our site and browse all the jobs,” she said.

CAPS quick fact

In the past year, 2,500 jobs were posted to the job site.

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