Ledcor CEO receives honorary degree from alma mater

In work and life, Dave Lede’s principles for success put people's safety, families and communities first.


(Edmonton) At just 33 years of age, University of Alberta alumnus Dave Lede was left in charge of a multi-million dollar construction company when his father, Bill, passed away unexpectedly in September of 1980 while on a job site.

Armed with a degree from the Alberta School of Business earned a decade earlier, a deep familiarity with the only company he had ever known, a long—albeit unfinished—series of lessons passed down from his late father and a sound list of business principles, Dave set out to lead and grow Ledcor.

And grow it did. In a single generation, the Ledcor Group of Companies has gone from $20 million in revenues in 1980 to $3.2 billion last year. Moreover, the construction giant—known for iconic structures like the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, The Bow in Calgary and thousands of kilometres of roadways and pipeline—operates under the vigilance of an award-winning corporate culture that values people—their safety, their families and their community—above all else.

“It is our people that are our most valuable assets,” Lede told the 2014 graduating class of engineers while accepting an honorary doctor of laws degree from his alma mater June 5. “This has always been the best investment for the company over the years.”

In his address, Lede also outlined his company’s 15 principles of business success, a list that begins with safety and ends with health and family.

“Remember to always keep a balance between your working life and your family.”