Student life gets busy and fulfilling with Involvement Week

(Edmonton) Opportunities for University of Alberta students to get involved in volunteering on campus and in the community will be highlighted at this week's Involvement Week.

Hosted by the Students' Union, Involvement Week is an amalgamation of two other events, the Clubs Fair and the Volunteer Fair, which introduce students to the organizations on campus and in the community that are available for participation and volunteer opportunities.

"This year we've expanded, so it's also something where students can actually come in and see programming that's available to them," said Hallie Brodie, event organizer for the Students' Union. "We have a seminar series set up that kind of guides them through how involvement can be a part of their life as a student, translating that into their own personal development, and into how to use it to further their career."

More than 30 community organizations from Theatre Network to the Centre for Autism Services and everything in between will participate in the "Involvement Fair" along with about 60 student clubs.

"We essentially have something for everyone," said Brodie. "A lot of people don't know how much is out there, and how much just might align with their own personal passions."

The seminars offer advice to students as to how to incorporate their volunteer work into other aspects of their lives, from academics, to their careers, to an enriched relationship with their communities.

"I think if you become more involved with volunteering at a younger age, you can grow and develop and learn more about what's happening in your community, which means you can have a bigger impact on it," said Brodie. "And maybe someone who volunteers at a younger age stays involved in their community as they progress in their life, and maybe learns to take on more of a leadership role in those organizations that they support.

"And it all makes everyone feel just a little bit nicer. It's a chance to get out, see people, be more social, be more active and understand your community and your neighbours."

Involvement Week kicks off with a concert on the Students' Union Building's SUBstage at noon Monday, with free popcorn and hot chocolate, and winds up Thursday evening with a networking reception called Evening of Involvement, with Edmonton city councillor Don Iveson as the keynote speaker.

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