Taking it all in

(Edmonton) The beginning of September is the best time of year for students like me on the University of Alberta campus. There are new, fresh smiling faces, great weather, and of course, lots of free stuff! As you walk through Quad, there are tents upon tents and booths upon booths promising you a fun and awesome year. And the year is going to be just that. You can join the Scuba Club, the Catholic Women’s League, the Agriculture Club, and of course, buy your BSA card. So many opportunities and so little time!

Being a student in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life, and Environmental Sciences, I would definitely recommend joining a club. I joined the Agriculture Club. It is an awesome club dedicated to good times and great friendships. We had our first meeting on the first day of classes and the countdown for Bar None has already begun! Not sure what Bar None is? Come visit us aggies in the pit (located on the second floor of the Agriculture/Forestry Building) and find out!

For the next couple days, you are going to be pressured into attending events held during Week of Welcome. Give in. There are so many different things going on, including concerts, movie nights, and even a hypnotist! Everyone can find something they enjoy. So far I have attended Clubs Fair and signed up for two new clubs, peeked into the beer gardens in between classes, and bought a burger that was very delicious. I am hoping to attend the free movie night held in Dinwoodie Lounge (second floor of SUB) as well. The two movies that will be playing are X:Men and Thor. HELLO! Why wouldn’t you want to attend! So I will see you there. Right?

In closing, I just want to encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy some events during these first couple weeks of classes. You don’t have to get down to the grind quite yet, so enjoy the last few days of summer and make some new friends. Come on now, IT’S GONNA BE A CIRCUS!