The mountains are calling

Registration opens for Mountains 101, the world’s first massive open online course in mountain studies.


Mountain enthusiasts and explorers around the world can start planning today for a new kind of expedition to experience the majesty of mountains.

The University of Alberta opened registration today for Mountains 101, the world’s first massive open online course in interdisciplinary mountain studies. The online course is available free of charge to everybody, everywhere.

Led by ecologist David Hik and alpine historian Zac Robinson, Mountains 101 offers a never-before-seen overview of mountain studies. Topics include how mountains form, what types of animals live there, how mountain ranges around the world differ, how mountains are celebrated in global literature and art, and how climate change is affecting mountains.

“Mountains 101 has something for everyone. Whether you are curious about the use and protection of mountains, their cultural significance around the globe or the biodiversity found there, the course will be engaging for all,” said Robinson.

Mountains 101 was created by the University of Alberta with support from Parks Canada and the Alpine Club of Canada.

Class begins Jan. 9, 2017.

U of A students will be able to take the online course for credit. For additional information on the for-credit option, please visit the sign-up page.