U of A welcomes SELF

(Edmonton) University of Alberta students studying and working in areas related to energy and the environment should start thinking about some SELF exploration.

The Shell Enhanced Learning Fund is a new funding program, sponsored by Shell Canada and administered by the University of Alberta’s School of Energy and the Environment. Open to graduate and undergraduate students, the funding is to be used for such endeavours as attending or holding conferences, field trip stipends and designing conferences or securing speakers, provided that the outcomes of these activities are related to the energy and environment themes.

“In the past, Shell has supported student groups and students on an individual and faculty level,” said Stefan Scherer, director of the school. “Shell clearly recognizes it has a lot of interest in students coming out of engineering and agricultural and environmental sciences. But there are also other jobs being filled by students from other backgrounds and disciplines.”

Shell will provide $100,000 in funding a year for three years. The School of Energy and the Environment is breaking down the fund to offer $50,000 every six months of funding to students and groups who apply in time for the semi-annual funding deadlines of April 15 and Oct.15. Since the first deadline for this funding cycle has passed, Scherer notes that the deadline has been extended to Nov. 30. He encourages students to check the SEE website for details on eligibility and to understand the obligations that come with receiving funding.

“One of the expectations for the students is that they be willing to participate in an event at the end of the year with Shell representatives to report that they provide about their activities that for which they received the funding,” said Scherer. “It’s an opportunity for Shell to see the good things their money has done. But, it’s also an opportunity for them to meet and make contact with the students they’ve been supporting.”

For more information on Shell Enhanced Learning Fund opportunities, click here.