Video: Schindler's career devoted to science for the public good

University of Alberta water expert David Schindler has spent his long and distinguished career exposing uncomfortable truths about the damage modern life is inflicting on our environment, hoping to influence policy that protects fragile ecosystems.

Schindler has never been afraid to speak his mind, staunchly defending scientific proof and insisting that scientists have an obligation to clearly communicate their findings for the public good.

As he retires this month, he can rest assured that his work has been vindicated, most recently by helping to usher in a new federal monitoring system for the oilsands. 

Symposium celebrates Schindler's lifetime achievements

To celebrate David Schindler's internationally acclaimed career, the U of A's Faculty of Science is holding a symposium Oct. 30 and 31. Featuring a public lecture by David Suzuki and presentations by Schindler's colleagues and former students—Canada’s most prominent luminaries in the science of water ecology—the symposium will mark his legacy and consider how science can continue to guide sound public water policy in the 21st century.

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