What the action-film expert wants for the holidays

Cristina Stasia knows the perfect gift for the nerdy female leaders in your life.


We asked some of our experts what they wanted under the tree this holiday season. Here's what they told us.


Cristina Stasia, leadership/action-film expert

What she wants

Why she wants it

Star Trek blazer: With the Star Trek: Discovery premiere being pushed from January to May, gifting the Trekker in your life this blazer will give them a little Starfleet in their life to tide them over. Discovery has cast the incredible Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou, and it’s about time a woman of colour took the lead in this franchise. A perfect gift for the nerdy female leaders in your life.

Fox in a Box: The female action heroes of blaxploitation cinema—especially Pam Grier, Tamara Dobson and Gloria Hendry—were fundamental in defining the action genre, yet too often critics attribute the genre to white men and assume women of colour are “new” to action cinema. I’d love to own this collection so when I need some witty one-liners and killer action sequences, I can watch Pam Grier put the bad guys on ice instead of the latest Marvel derivative.

Fortune Falls: One of my areas of expertise is (film) musicals. Since I can’t hit Broadway every month like in my grad school days in New York, I’m super grateful to live in this incredible theatre town. I’m hoping for tickets to Catalyst Theatre’s musical Fortune Falls, created with Alberta Theatre Projects and playing at the Citadel. Catalyst’s musicals are always dark, provocative and stunning. And an edgy meditation on endings and new beginnings is a nice fit for January.

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