What the computing scientist wants for the holidays

Leah Hackman opts for a co-op video game that draws everyone into the frenzied spirit of Christmas.


We asked some of our experts what they wanted under the tree this holiday season. Here's what they told us.


Leah Hackman, computing scientist

What she wants

Overcooked (C$18.99 via Steam), billed as “a chaotic couch co-op cooking game for one to four players.”

Why she wants it

“In my house, there's nothing more seasonally appropriate than a good couch co-op video game—the chaos and shouting followed by the satisfaction of pulling it all together at the last minute. Sounds exactly like Christmas to me.

Overcooked even manages to capture the frenzied spirit of preparing Christmas dinner together as you and your teammates scramble to assemble meals to meet the mounting demands of your customers in the face of such organizational challenges as a kitchen earthquake, being trapped on an iceberg, and RATS!”

Other suggestions

“For the puzzler who likes to curl up on their own with a mug of apple cider and think their way to victory: Desktop Dungeons. Overflowing with content, this dungeon-crawler puzzle game provides a bevy of challenging bite-sized dungeons.

“For the gamer who loves the artful telling of a story with beautiful visuals: Firewatch. This is a lovely game rich with thoughtful, gentle and compelling storytelling that branches on the player’s personal choices.”

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