What the fashion historian wants for the holidays

Clothing curator Anne Bissonnette has her eye on a piece of wearable tech history.


We asked some of our experts what they wanted under the tree this holiday season. Here's what they told us.


Anne Bissonnette, dress historian

What she wants

Google Glass, introduced in 2014 but phased out the following year because of privacy and safety concerns

“I want Google Glass to put into the U of A’s Clothing and Textiles Collection. It has the shape of regular eyeglass frames, but one side of the glass has a tiny screen with Internet access. It’s like having a computer in your eye.”

Why she wants it

“Apart from the look, the possibilities they offered were pretty fantastic,” Bissonnette said. Glasses were first created for ancient monks who needed to transcribe documents in dim light, and have served as a corrective and protective barrier for us ever since. Google Glass takes that concept to the next level, reflecting 21st-century technology, identity and status.

“It’s a microcosm of everything that fashion can talk about, and they reflect the whole high-tech movement. Short of implanting the Internet in our brain, it’s pretty close.”

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