What the gamer/psychologist wants for the holidays

If Jason Harley gets his wish, he’ll be spending his holiday vacation in a fantasy world.


We asked some of our experts what they wanted under the tree this holiday season. Here's what they told us.


Jason Harley, educational psychologist

What he wants

Final Fantasy XV, sci-fi/fantasy video game about good and evil set in a crumbling empire

Why he wants it

“It’s a fun franchise,” said Harley, who studies human-computer interaction. “It’s great to dive into a secondary world of rich characterizations and world-building, everything from politics to a detailed system of magic. It’s dynamic, epic game-playing brought together with beautiful polish and art.”

The game is also an intriguing example of how virtual storytelling is evolving to tap into our emotions, Harley added.

“The depth and interactive feel of storytelling has become more advanced. The characters feel a lot deeper than your old-school supporting or non-playable character that serves a shallow, narrow role. It’s interesting to see the way complex, interactive narratives, especially between the characters, can play out in video games to elicit enjoyment and engagement.”

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