The top 5 ‘news you can use’ stories of 2017

Help yourself to the year’s most popular tips and sensible advice from UAlberta experts.


1. Want to help your partner deal with depression? Try a little tenderness

Relationship expert Matt Johnson found that easing your romantic partner’s stress now can boost their mental health later—and it’s sometimes the support they don’t see that matters most.

2. Why and when you should get the flu shot

Infectious disease expert Lynora Saxinger predicted the “why” back in October: this flu season is a bad one. And if you still haven’t been vaccinated, the “when” is now!

3. How Canadians can act in the spirit of reconciliation

Two history researchers thought there must be 150 ways to live up to your personal commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. So they made a list anyone can use every day.

4. How to put exam anxiety in its place

The six simple tips in this April story came along at just the right time for thousands of students heading into finals. A similar story about reducing stress at work proved almost as popular.

5. 5 things you need to know about fentanyl right now

As the overdose crisis continues with no end in sight, this perspective from addictions specialist Hakique Virani is more important than ever.